Our Facilities


The King St. Dental Wellness Center is a state of the art dental facility designed to be comfortable and modern. We provide exceptional dental services with special amenities for our patients.

Lavender aromatherapy creates a fragrant and tranquil atmosphere in the clinic. During treatment, patients can listen to their personal music or watch entertainment shows while using our Bose noise cancellation head set. Warm lavender neck wraps are also available. After treatment, warm lavender scented towels (which you can keep for reuse) are given to freshen your hands and face. In addition, a natural rose water spray hydrates
the skin.

Additional special touches include:

  • hot tea or coffee to enjoy as you wait for your appointment
  • soft blankets and pillows to support your neck, back and legs
  • soothing lip balm to moisturize and keep skin supple while being treated
  • cool cucumber eye pads

Environmentally Conscientious

King St. Dental Wellness Center is an eco-friendly facility. We combine dentistry and environmental conservation by using nontoxic products, reducing waste and being minimally invasive. We use state-of-the-art dental technology to minimize toxic pollution and water waste.

Hospital Grade Sterilization

We use the LISA hospital grade sterilizer. Use of steam-based, surgical-grade instrument sterilization promotes healthful indoor air quality by eliminating the need for toxic chemicals used in chemical-based sterilizers, and reduces water use. LISA provides the highest standard of sterilization while combining high temperature and pressurized steam for effective and efficient sterilization. Microprocessor-controlled precision guarantees the proper time and heat settings to ensure sterility. The pre-vacuum cycle evacuates contaminated air from the chamber. The vacuum pulls hot steam through all areas of the load. The load is then dried in a post-vacuum cycle to complete the sterilization process. An effective drying cycle protects instruments from corrosion and prevents re-contamination. Some sterilizers skip the drying cycle risking damage or re-contamination. The LISA sterilizer dries materials in a post-vacuum cycle so the finished load remains sterile and corrosion is eliminated. Items are cool to the touch and can be safely removed for immediate use or storage. We follow manufacturer-specified maintenance guidelines. Our sterilizer is spore-tested by a third party monitoring agency to ensure effective sterilization.

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Surface Disinfectant
OPTIM Surface Disinfectant is used in our dental units. OPTIM disinfects against a broad spectrum of organisms without noxious fumes or skin irritants. It eliminates the need for wasteful plastic patient barriers and is biodegradable.

Mercury (Amalgam) Separator
Although we do not place mercury fillings, patients often ask us to replace mercury fillings. We have installed an amalgam separator which prevents mercury from being released into the waste water that leaves our office.

Paperless Dental Office
We are a paperless dental practice that uses electronic charts and correspondence. Dental claims and digital radiography are submitted electronically to insurance carriers that accept e-claims.

Digital Claim Submission
Whenever possible, we submit insurance claims by Internet transmission to reduce paper consumption and support tree conservation.

Digital X-rays
By using digital x-rays, we eliminate both excessive patient exposure to radiation and the release of environmentally harmful, toxic chemicals associated with film processing.

We maintain a recycling program for paper and plastics but our program also includes cartridges, batteries, cardboard, and empty dental solution bottles.

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